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Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Rehab In Essex Within Alcohol Rehab Essex

Many people believe that there is no harm in enjoying alcohol, however, over reliance on alcohol could be developed when alcohol is consumed regularly. When the individual does not receive the treatment and rehabilitation, necessary dependence on alcohol can cause serious problems within the long-term and may even become fatal.

Getting on the road to recovery may undoubtedly seem like a daunting challenge to you. In order to allow you the chance to deliberate freely on issues concerning your alcohol addiction, you are given free alcoholism assessment by a trained therapist from the Priory. This is aimed to give you peace of mind and allow you to better acknowledge the road that lays in front of you.

You will be given your existence back with the support of Priory, the main goal of which is to guarantee help and information in a laid back, safe and curative surrounding and give the therapy that better works for you.

Essex What Is Alcoholism

When you drink frequently to the point where your body physically depends on alcohol to function as it normally should, you're said to be suffering from alcoholism.

Physical and mental aspects can have a negative impact on your relationships and lead to problems within your work and social lives when you become an addicted to alcohol.

The negative effects of dependency on alcohol could be alleviated through counselling and rehab.

What Is Behind Alcoholism In Essex

Alcoholism has all the characteristics of a progressive disease because it has a cause and a symptom which is entirely treatable. But What Causes It? Alcoholism emerges when you consume alcohol in such quantities that the brain suffers chemical alterations identifying the sensation of pleasure that goes with drinking and pushes you into having more. Often the changes can feel pleasurable, but these positive feelings soon vanish. After the dependency has set in, a person will start drinking just to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

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Effects Of Alcohol Dependence Within Essex

There are numerous misconceptions about being dependent on alcohol, and it is these that lead to a delay in obtaining the help which is necessary.

You may believe that not feeling so many side effects, or that your social life isn't being affected means that a dependency on alcohol is not on the cards. Alcohol tolerance that reduces the volume of withdrawal symptoms may even cause liver failure and cirrhosis in heavy consumers of alcohol, especially women.

You should study our alcoholism symptoms section if you believe you have a constant alcohol abuse problem.

How Is Your Alcohol Addiction Treatedin Essex

The most significant step to take towards alcohol abuse recovery is to start searching for assistance for alcoholism, because it means you have accepted that you are sick. The nationwide network of specialist consultants and therapists we have, have treated thousands of people to overcome their dependence on alcohol with a great degree of success.

The personalised programmes which we have also include a free initial assessment along with 12 months of after care and family support. Treatment has been shown to work many times despite the challenges that you'll face during the recovery process as long as you're on the right programme and you have the support you need around you.

We use three types of treatment, which will depend on the individual and the severity of the alcoholism. These treatments are abstinence, detoxification and rehab.

How Does Abstinence From Alcohol Work In Essex

When there is a need for abstinence, the treatment is structured and in most cases involves various stages similar with the ones used in self-help and counselling organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous. Reducing your drinking is not the main goal, supporting you in giving it up totally is.

What Is Alcohol Detoxification Process In Essex

Detoxification is usually the first step in treating people with alcohol dependence who experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking alcohol. This would require the medical professional to replace the alcohol you are using with other drugs and thereafter reducing the dosage over 5 to 7 days within the hospital. This can take longer if the detoxification process is done at home or at an outpatient facility. The aim of the detoxification is to reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which can result when you stop drinking. Usually these symptoms are bad during the first day of therapy but get better immediately during the next days.

Rehabilitation Or Rehab Within Essex

Depending on what you need, there are many forms of rehab that can be used. It can go from help obtained from self - help groups to rigorous therapy in a clinic. In order to arrive at a comfortable life bereft of alcohol consumption, therapy is used to discover why you drink alcohol and what you can take in place of alcohol. Many people undergo mood swings, while you can also face some other difficult problems during therapy.

What Is The Cage Test And What Will It Show In Essex

A CAGE test is commonly carried out during alcohol treatment for rehabilitation, and is used to figure out how dependent the individual is on alcohol.

  • The CAGE questions
  • Has the thought of reducing how much you drink occurred to you?
  • Have people ever annoyed you with their criticism about your drinking?
  • Have you ever been remorseful or shameful about your drinking?
  • Have you taken an eye opener before; drinking early in the morning to cure a hangover or to normalise your nerves?